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Link sponsors to Local Investigators

KSi number one goal is to link sponsors to well trained and motivated physicians and consultants across the various tertiary hospitals in Nigeria to anchor clinical research studies.

Dancing Hands

Access to Study Participants

KSi will ensure access to thousands and potentially millions of patients through its widespread partnership with secondary & tertiary hospitals including the academia to ensure timely enrollment and access to relevant patient pool.


Ethics and Regulatory Support

Through its established knowledge of regulatory and ethical requirement processes, KSi will support local investigators to obtain appropriate approvals within reasonable timelines and limit barriers to ethical and regulatory approvals.

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Training and Monitoring 

KSi  will ensure a continuous training and capacity building of all research project staff in ICH-GCP, HSP, project management, study coordination and continuous data QA and QI. KSi will also provide site management services.

Clinical Trial Monitoring

Your dependable Monitor

KSi provides GCP-ICH compliant monitoring for clinical trials across sites; preparing them for regulatory personnel visits and inspections. Our aim is to provide the highest standards of clinical trial oversight, implementation guidelines, ethics, and regulatory compliance to processes that lead to quality data that makes clinical trial results dependable to inform clinical outcomes and guide policies.


Kadesh Sciences International (KSi)  has established a system that will deliver high quality research data that is credible with strict compliance to study protocol, while ensuring the safety and dignity of trial participants.

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